Radioecological databases

Wildlife transfer database
The Wildlife Transfer Database collates concentration ratio data for wildlife in aquatic and terrestrial ecosytems. Anybody can add data and summary outputs are updated periodically. It has been used in IAEA and ICRP activities, and to update the ERICA Tool (brownn 2016) . e.g IAEA handbook and an ICRP report

FREDERICA - Radiation Effects database
The FREDERICA database, is a quality controlled compilation of dose-effect relationships between radiation exposures and their effects on organisms. It has been used by the ICRP (108) and to derive the screening dose rate benchmark used by the ERICA Tool.(link) 

STORE DB  - Sustaining access to Tissues and data from Radiobiological Experiments
The STORE DB is a platform for the archiving and sharing radiation protection related data and has been used by a number of EURATOM funded projects as their data repository. Whilst initially it was radiobiology focussed it now contains some radioecology data. Anybody can store data in the STORE repository and the data are issued with a Digital Object Identifier (DOI). 


National ones 


Laboratoire National Henri Becquerel - Nuclear data
A compilation of nuclear data including half-life, decay mode, emission energy and intensity, decay scheme etc.. A reccomended source of information by some accreditation bodies. 

Discharge data