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Radiological protection of the environment

Radiological protection
of the environment

Q: PDFs for CR values in ERICA Tool?
Q: Doses to  worms on soil surface?
Q:  Assessments for organisms living in air?
Q: Does high energy beta become low energy beta?
Q:  Can marine CR values be applied to freshwater ecosystems?
Q:  Calculating Environmental Media Concentration Limits?
Japanese nuclear concerns and food safety

Joint FAO/IAEA Programme

Q: Which radionuclides could present problems for food production?
Q: What are main ways that radionuclides can enter into the food chain?
Q: Do weather conditions play a role in the radioactive contamination of soils and crops?
Q: In what ways can radionuclides contaminate farm animals and animal products after a nuclear accident?
Q: What can be done to mitigate the effects of radioactive contamination on livestock and contamination of animal products in the early period after the nuclear accident?
Japanese nuclear concerns and food safety


Q: What general advice can be given to food consumers and producers in the event of a nuclear emergency?
Q: What actions are being taken to monitor the safety of food from Japan?
Q: Can food produced in other countries be affected by the events in Japan?
Q: What are the potential health effects of consuming contaminated food?
Q: Is all food production in Japan affected by the nuclear emergency?
Q: How do food products become radioactive?
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Topics addressed include:
Depleted uranium

Public Health England

Q: What is uranium?
Q: What is depleted uranium?
Q: Why is there current concern over DU
Q: When is DU harmful?
Q: Are people naturally exposed to uranium?
Q: How can people be tested for exposure to DU?

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