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Within STAR and COMET, partners had more than 190 experts studying radioecology, encompassing atmospheric dispersion, dosimetry, ecology, ecotoxicology, environmental radiation protection, environmental surveillance, foodstuffs, terrestrial, freshwater and marine radioecology, modelling, radiobiology and radionuclide analytics, emergency preparedness, education and training. These experts hold and maintain a huge range of information, some of which can be accessed via this 'Virtual Laboratory'.

Examples of information hosted here include: access to a number of analytical methods, best practices and protocols and manuals used in STAR and COMET; information on the basic radioecology of a number of radionuclides; access to key radioecological databases; instructions on how to use two common ‘radioecological’ models and summaries of the information about the facilities held by STAR and COMET partners.  Links are also provided to a wide range of training materials of interest to students and professionals interested in radioecology.

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