Caesium-137 concentrations in Finnish reindeer meat

AbstractAnalysis of reindeer meat in Finland to determine 137Cs activity concentrations began in 1965. More systematic measurements began after the Chernobyl accident. Currently STUK has three reindeer cooperatives which send meat samples regularly every year, however, in total 57 cooperatives are investigated.
STAR partnerSTUK
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Sample number>1000
QualityData have been collected as a part of STUKs environmental monitoring program since 1960. Since 1999, radioactivity determinations have been carried out using an accredited method with regular quality control through intercomparisons, calibrations and blank samples. Prior to 1999, in-house quality evaluation took place with similar quality assessments.
Spatially referencedNo
Ecosystem typeTerrestrial
Sample typeMeat
StatusOn-going programme
Obtain dataData are provided on request without restriction. Contact:
Key reference sourcesLeppanen A.P., Muikku M., Jaakkola T., Lehto J., Rahola T., Rissanen K., Tillander M. Effective half-lives of 134Cs and 137Cs in reindeer meat and in reindeer herders in Finland after the Chernobyl accident, and the ensuing effective radiation doses to humans. Health Physics, 100 (5), 468-481 (2011)
Data ownershipSTUK
Database format1) Reindeer 137Cs data for period 1984-2010 2) Reindeer 3) Monitoring reindeer (Pictures all supplied by STUK)
Keywordsreindeer , finland , chernobyl , nuclear_weapons_fallout , infoex


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