Videos and Powerpoint shows (some with audio) on topics related to radioecology:

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What is a standard and an interlaboratory comparisons exercise ?

Delivering reliable results is the objective of laboratories in charge of radioactivity measurement in the environment. To make sure, these laboratories use "standards" (sample of radioactive material for reference) and participate in exercise to test their expertise and their methods. Published on Apr 29, 2014

Other YouTube videos produced by IRSN on many topics.


DEBTox' is a modelling approach that analyses how the Dynamic Energy Budget of organisms is altered when they are exposed to contaminants. STAR's Elke Zimmer explains what it is and why it makes sense?

Mixed contaminants

Radioactive substances in the environment almost always occur together with other types of contaminants, such as metals or organic contaminants. One of the main research topics of STAR has been to study if the effects of radioactives are increased or decreased in the presence of other contaminants; a huge task! This film explains the approaches that are being used in STAR.

Biotic Ligand Modelling

Biotic Ligand Modelling is a tool to assess the bioavailability of metals to aquatic organisms. The STAR project has been using it to investigate bioavailability of radionuclides. Steve Lofts from CEH, UK, explains more.