STAR member publications

 The STAR project finished on 31st July 2015 - page no longer being updated

Since 2006 publication by CEH have been catalogued on the NERC Open Research Archive. All documents relating to radioecology have been identified and can be accessed by clicking on the screen shot. Abstracts of all journal papers published by the CEH Radioecology group since 1984 can be found in the attached abstracts collation  (2014 version, pdf).
The NRPA website has reports and some other publications (from 1995 onwards) available in English.
Reports, refereed publications and other publications by STUK starting in the 1960's are available from their website. It is best to view this link in Google Chrome to translate the page.
SCK•CEN scientific publications are collected in their Institutional Repository. By means of this portal, SCK•CEN opens its publications to the entire internet community and provides you with the opportunity to (freely) consult SCK•CEN's knowledge and expertise. Books, reports and other publications from 2005 onwards are easily accessible and can be reached by performing search queries or by browsing the open archives (by title, author, subject, date of publication or collection).All publications are free to download, with respect to the copyright of the authors and other copyright holders.SCK•CEN also publishes Scientific Reports with the most important research results accomplished by the scientific staff. You can consult the latest editions on their website.
Since 2009 the German Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS) has published most scientific papers and reports in electronic form (PDF). DORIS (Digital Online Repository and Information System) is the online platform for central storage, long-term archiving and publication of these documents. DORIS provides the opportunity to sort the online catalogue according to various criteria, e.g. date of publication, author, title or keyword. A search engine enables the search with keywords, either as a global search in the whole online catalogue or as a restricted search in specific subject areas. Since DORIS uses full text indexing, the search includes the content of the archived documents. The user interface is in German only, but some translation is available if you open the site using Google Chrome.
CRIStin (Current research information system in Norway) is a research information system for hospitals, research institutes, and universities and university colleges. One of the primary purposes of the system is to collect all the registration and reporting of research activities of institutions within the three sectors in a common system. UMB scientific dissemination is registered in the CRIStin database where it is possible to search for both peer-reviewed papers and other literature. Not all publications have been registered to-date, but the majority of the more recent papers should be available. In many cases links to the DOI site for the actual publication are also included (click on the number in the publication list and you will be taken to a webpage giving detailed information on each publication). For each author the database contains all lectures and conference proceedings in addition to peer-reviewed journals, but searches can be targeted to year and/or publication type using the advanced search facility. UMB also requires that all raw data for peer-reviewed journal articles (published since 2008) is stored on a central database, such that the data can be provided to other scientists on request.