STAR Workpackages

The STAR project finished on 31st July 2015 - page no longer being updated

Workpackage 1: Network co-ordination
Workpackage 2: Integration and Infrastructure. Co-ordinated by Tarja Ikaheimonen of STUK.
Workpackage 3: Integrated human and non-human radiation protection. Co-ordinated by Mark Dowdall of NRPA.
Workpackage 4: Radiation protection in a mixed contaminant context. Co-ordinated by Hildegarde Vandenhove of SCK•CEN.
Workpackage 5: Ecologically relevant low dose effects. Co-ordinated by Jacqueline Garnier Laplace of IRSN.
Workpackage 6: Mobility, training and education. Co-ordinated by Deborah Oughton of UMB.
Workpackage 7: Knowledge and data dissemination. Co-ordinated by Brenda Howard of NERC-CEH.