Partner 6: Centro de Investigaciones Energéticas Medio Ambientales y Tecnológicas (CIEMAT), Spain

CIEMAT is a Public Research Institution belonging to the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation. It promotes and carries out research and technological development projects in the field of energy, keeping as far as possible close connections with other national and international research groups with similar objectives. Likewise, it is the link between basic research and the national industry, acting when requested as an adviser of our national authorities in the fields of technology and energy strategy. CIEMAT acts as technical supporter for regulators and operators, providing methodologies, tools, analytical services and performing radiological impact assessments for solid waste disposal, effluent releases and "ad hoc" situations of environmental contamination. Its activities in radiological protection extend to the public and the environment through studies on radioecology, evaluation and reduction of radiological impacts, environmental radioactivity measurement, as well as personal and environmental dosimetry. CIEMAT has an important activity in training/education of professionals (radiation protection, radioactive waste management, nuclear safety), and a wide experience in organizing workshops.
CIEMAT has participated in many relevant international projects (BIOMOVS-II; BIOMASS; TARRAS; CREAM;

BIOPROTA; FUTURAE; FASSET; ERICA; EMRAS-II). The organization is partner of the European NoE STAR, and is one of the founding members of the ALLIANCE. Within COMET, CIEMAT will participate in all WPs but WP4. CIEMAT will co-lead 3 Tasks within the project: Task 2.3. Infrastructures – evolving from to the ALLIANCE (together with CEH and UIAR NUBiP); Task 2.4. Coordination with national programmes (together with STUK and GIG-SCRS); and Task 5.1 Website and knowledge management (together with NERC-CEH).

Key staff who will be involved in COMET are:

Dr. Almudena Real. PhD in Biological Sciences (Radiobiology). Research scientist at CIEMAT. Over 20 years of experience in radiation protection and radiobiology (effects of radiation in experimental models; risk assessment methodologies for radiogenic and non-radiogenic carcinogens). Participation in over 20 research projects. Research training periods in laboratories of USA (NIH), UK (Paterson Inst; NRPB) and Germany (GSF). Member of ICRP Committee 5 (2005-2013).

Beatriz Robles. MSc in Biological Sciences (Environment). Over 20 years of experience in Radioecology in CIEMAT (chemical, physical and transport processes of contaminants from waste disposal facilities and effluent releases (routine and accidental) and developing models and methodologies). At present, leads the Unit “Radiation Protection of the Public and the Environment” in CIEMAT. Spanish representative in UNSCEAR.

José Gutiérrez. Master Degree in Chemistry. Actually is R&D Adviser in CIEMAT. 30 years of experience in
radioecology, radiation protection, environmental radioactivity, monitoring and post-accident management. Director of CIEMAT Energy Environmental Impact Department (1997-2004) and Deputy Director of CIEMAT Environmental Department (2004-2009). President of the Spanish Society for Radiological Protection (2004-2006). Manager of European and National projects. Spanish representative in CRPPH/NEA and EURATOM CCE Fission

Juan Carlos Mora. MSc in Atomic and Nuclear Physics. Since 2004 works in CIEMAT, in the Radiation Protection for the Public and the Environment Group. Over 9 years of experience in environmental radioactivity measurements and radiation protection (spectrometric and counting techniques for alpha, beta and gamma measurements, application and development of models and methodologies for routine releases from nuclear and NORM industry). He is a member of the IAEA Group for SRS-19 revision