Norwegian marine data

Norwegian marine data



AbstractThese data sets include a large number of samples from Norway's monitoring programme "Radioactivity in the Marine Environment" (RAME), as well as Norway's monitoring programme for radioactivity in seafoods.
The programme covers the Norwegian coastline each year, and alternates the Barents Sea, the Norwegian Sea and the North Sea (one per year). Samples include water, sediments, seaweed and several species of fish and crustaceans. Some data are referenced by coordinates, while some have other map references. The seafood monitoring programme was initiated in 1994 and the current RAME programme in 1999, but data was also collected before this time. Sea water and seaweed sampling along the coast has been carried out since 1980 (by another institution - the Institute for Energy Technology).
STAR partnerNRPA
Type of dataMonitoring
Sample number>1000
Spatially referencedYes
Ecosystem typeMarine
Sample typeWater, sediments, seaweed and several species of fish and crustaceans
DateApproximately 1994 to present (varies for different samples and different areas (see above))
LanguagesNorwegian and English
StatusOn-going programme
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Please Contact: to discuss access to, and use of, the data. A joint research cooperation between NRPA and the institution demanding data is preferable

Key reference sourcesData are also reported to OSPAR each year. More details can be found in the NRPAs annual reports "Radioactivity in the Marine Environment" (In English).
The most recent report can be found here:
Data ownershipNRPA and the Institute of Marine Research ( (in some cases other institutes as well)
Database formatExcel
Figure information1) 137Cs and 99Tc on the coast in Northern Norway (NRPA) 2) 137Cs in cod in Finnmark, Vestfjorden and the Barents Sea (NRPA) 3) Plankton and algae sampling (Clare Bradshaw, SU)

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