HYDROTELERAY rivers monitoring network (France)

HYDROTELERAY rivers monitoring network (France)


AbstractSince 1993, the HYDROTELERAY alert network ensures the radiological monitoring of 7 major French rivers, by performing continuous measurements of gamma radiation in water.
Each station realizes continuous water sampling, with a flow rate between 6 to 10 m3 h-1. An immersed gamma spectrometry probe (sodium iodide detector) achieves 2 hours-integration direct measurements. The measurement data are automatically transferred to the supervising system located at Le Vésinet IRSN center.
In 2010, 4 new aquatic spectroscopic probes were added to the network, that are very compact, standalone and movable. They can be easily settled in various locations for specific temporarly studies.
STAR partnerIRSN
Type of dataMonitoring
Sample number>1000
Spatially referenced


Ecosystem typeFreshwater
Sample typeWater
Date1993 - ongoing


StatusOn-going programme
Obtain data

Contact: christophe.debayle@irsn.fr

Key reference sourceshttp://sws.irsn.fr/sws/mesure/index
Data ownershipIRSN
Database formatExcel
Figure information1) View of the Hydroteleray station in Agen (IRSN) 2) Location map of the Hydroteleray permanent stations (IRSN) 3) An Hydroteleray mobile probe (IRSN)

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