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The STAR project finished on 31st July 2015 - page no longer being updated


STAR - IAEA MODARIA programme 'Making data available'

20-21 April 2015, IAEA, Vienna


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Kd Workshop - follow up

Photo: Joan Albert Sanchez Cabeza, IAEA

15-17 April 2015, IAEA, Monaco

Co-operation between STAR and IAEA MODARIA WG4 has facilitated the enhancement and improvement of partition coefficient (Kd) values, which are relevant for both human and environmental assessments. MODARIA WG4 has brought together an international community which has provided substantial amounts of new data from various member states to revise the Kd datasets. The focus of MODARIA WG4 has currently been on soil and freshwater. The main objectives of the Kd activities are to: (i) Conduct a critical review of literature of soil and freshwater Kd values to describe Kd variability (ii) Develop a common data base structure that will can be used by modellers to estimate Kd values and variability in soil, fresh water, and marine systems (iii) To assess the use of analogues to estimate Kd values for which there is little information (iv) Develop/identified approaches to describe and reduce uncertainty of Kd values (v) Identify additional data needs. The meeting in Monaco enabled the STAR and MODARIA WG4 participants to benefit from the expertise of IAEA staff in developing and maintaining databases. We also discussed whether there was a need for revision of the current marine Kd values in TRS 422. Powerpoint presentations of the meeting will be uploaded onto the MODARIA WG4 website.

Associated Papers

PDF icon Z. Shang. 2015. Kd Data Arising from Chinese NPPs Construction (In Chinese)

STAR & COMET 'Effects uncertainties workshop'

Photo: stevecadman on Flickr

10th - 12th December 2014, St. Catherine's college, Oxford

Workshop on Transgenerational and Epigenetic Mechanisms of Radiation Toxicity at Chronic Doses. This was a joint activity between STAR and COMET to bring together biological scientists studying transgenerational and epigenetics effects during chronic and long-term chemical and radiological exposures in the laboratory and field. Unfortunately, as a number of novel studies were presented (see agenda) the attendees have requested that their presentations are not made available here.

PDF icon Agenda

PDF icon Deliverable 5.3

STAR 'Wildlife dosimetry workshop'

10th-12th June 2014, CIEMAT, Madrid

The workshop addressed a wide spectrum of questions related to the ionising radiation dose estimation in animals and plants, involving world leading experts in each of the subjects treated. There were 30 participants from 12 countries (Belgium, Canada, USA, Spain, France, Germany, Japan, Norway, Portugal, United Kingdom, Russia and Sweden).

See: Wildlife dosimetry workshop for more information.


Photo: Bjørn Erik Pedersen - Own work, © 

20th-  22th May 2014, NRPA, Oslo

Joint activity between STAR and IAEA MODARIA programme.

PDF icon STAR MS 7.7 Report from Kd workshop brainstorming session