Radioecological Observatories

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Radioecological Observatories

Radioecological Observatories are radioactively (and chemically) contaminated field sites that will provide a focus for joint, long-term, radioecological research. The benefit  of this approach is to create synergistic effects by sharing expertise, ideas, data and resources. Radioecological Observatories also provide excellent training and education sites. Research at the Radioecological Observatories will primarily focus on radioecological topics outlined within the European Radioecology Alliance Strategic Research Agenda  (SRA), which presents the major challenges for radioecology over the next 20 years (2012-2032). The initial Radioecological Observatories were selected under the STAR project (see report) with joint research activities being initiated within the COMET project (an overview of the COMET research can be found on each of the Observatory pages). The Radioecology ALLIANCE hopes to promote the observatory sites as a basis for focused and collaborative research into the future.

The Observatory sites are:

The Upper Silesian Coal Basin (USCB) in Poland
Overview of the Upper Silesian Coal Basin observatory site

The Chernobyl Exclusion Zone (CEZ) in Ukraine and Belarus
Overview of the CEZ Observatory site

Belgium NORM site
Overview of the Belgium NORM observatory site

Fukushima Radioecological Observatory in Yamakiya
Overview of the Fukushima Observatory site (Yamakiya)