Milk monitoring (France)

Milk monitoring (France)



AbstractEach year, about 350 IRSN analyses of milk samples to determine radioactivity activity concentrations. Samples are taken from dairy cooperatives or farms located near French nuclear installations or far from any influence of this type of installation.
STAR partnerIRSN
Type of dataMonitoring
Sample number>1000
Spatially referencedYes
Ecosystem typeTerrestrial
Sample typeMilk
Date1990 - ongoing
StatusOn-going programme
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Key reference sources
Data ownershipIRSN
Database formatExcel
Figure information1) French cow (D. Claval, IRSN) 2) Cow feeding a calf (D. Claval, IRSN) 3) Milk sampling in France (A. Bouissou, IRSN)

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