Training & Education

The ultimate aim of the education and training aspects of STAR and COMET was to ensure a sustainable workforce in radioecology. To do this we were dependent on interactions with the wider radioecology community, through outreach out to students, teachers, employers and employees, and other stakeholders outside of our networks.

Since radioecology is a multidisciplinary science, students on MSc or PhD projects in radioecology have a wide range of future carrier opportunities, and one of our goals is to put students in contact with potential employers and research projects, as well as to ensure that training and education in radioecology meets the needs of those employers.

STAR & COMET held a number of courses during the lifetime of the projects, ranging from MSc and PhD courses to workshops and professional development. The majority of these courses were open to participants outside of the STAR & COMET projects. The education and training work packages were also responsible for running the Radioecology PhD network.

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  • STAR technical description of Training and Education Work Package