Natural radionuclide concentrations in soil, water & sediments (England & Wales)

Natural radionuclide concentrations in soil, water & sediments (England & Wales)

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Estimates of activity concentrations of 40K, 238U and 232Th series radionuclides in environmental media (soil, stream sediments and stream waters) were derived from total K, U and Th concentrations derived mainly from the ongoing geochemical survey of the United Kingdom (G-BASE), conducted by the British Geological Survey. The geochemical survey data are currently incomplete for England and Wales, but almost complete coverage was obtained for K in stream sediments by using the Wolfson Atlas data for southern England.

For U and Th in sediments and K, U and Th in soils, more complete coverage was achieved by geological extrapolation (using relationships between soils/sediments and bedrock/superficial geology). For soils and sediments, datasets are provided for both: (i) geometric mean concentrations from measured samples on a 5 x 5 km square basis where data are available; and (ii) extrapolated surfaces covering all of England and Wales. It is recommended that where data are available for an area being assessed, these should be used rather than the extrapolated values. For waters, only geometric mean concentrations are provided, where data are available. The relationship between radioelements in waters and geology was not considered sufficiently strong to justify extrapolation in this case.

Type of dataResearch
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Ecosystem typeTerrestrial, freshwater
Sample typeStream water and sediment; soil
StatusCompleted study
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