TELERAY gamma dose rate alert network (France)

TELERAY gamma dose rate alert network (France)



AbstractSince 1991, the TELERAY alert network ensures the radiological monitoring of French territory, including the overseas departments, by performing continuous measurements of gamma radiation in air.
The network is being totally renewed since 2011. The modernization will end in 2014 with a final number of 450 new probes (164 previously) deployed in the major cities and in the vicinity of nuclear sites.
The new probes consist of proportionnal gaz counters. The ambient gamma radiation measurement, expressed in dose rate (microSv h-1), is produced every 10 minutes and automatically transmitted to the data supervising system located at Le Vésinet IRSN center, through a xDSL transmission network. The supervising system cheks every measurement individually and alerts operators in case of abnormal increase of the dose rate.
STAR partnerIRSN
Type of dataMonitoring
Sample number>1000
QualityPlease email for lineage information for this dataset.
Spatially referencedYes
Ecosystem typeTerrestrial
Sample typeGamma dose rate in air
Date1991 - ongoing
StatusOn-going programme
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Data ownershipIRSN
Database formatMicrosoft SQL
Figure information1) Location map of Teleray probes (IRSN) 2) A Teleray probe on a Parisian roof (IRSN)

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