Strategic Research Agenda

The SRA for radioecology

The ALLIANCE Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) devoted to Radioecology is a living document, initiated by the STAR network of Excellence, defining a long-term vision (20 years) on the needs and implementation of research in radioecology. Perfectly integrated in the research strategy implemented by the COMET consortium, this SRA constitutes the reference document shared by stakeholders and researchers. Moreover, it was produced to serve as an input to those responsible for defining EU research call topics.

The current reference document is the second version released in September 2013, taking account of input from stakeholders collected during an international workshop (Paris, November 2012) and a wide on-line consultation led during summer 2012. 

See the current version of the SRA (issued: 21/02/2014)

The SRA-associated topical roadmaps: Translating a Vision into Reality

The strategy underlying the roadmap development is driven by the need for improvement of mechanistic understanding across radioecology such that we can provide fit-for-purpose human and environmental impact/risk assessment in support of protection of man and the environment in interaction with society (connecting science, communication, economy) and for the three exposure situations defined by ICRP (i.e., planned, existing and emergency). Some of the research areas for radioecology are also relevant for post-emergency management and low-dose effect research and provide a powerful catalyst to further develop collaboration between the four platforms of radiation protection, ALLIANCE, NERIS, MELODI and EURADOS. The following topical roadmaps are under development:

The relationships with CONCERT (EJP H2020) and the SRA-annual statements

The EJP CONCERT, where ALLIANCE is a partner next to the other research platforms (MELODI, NERIS, EURADOS and more recently EURAMED for the medical field), has been accepted by the EC and launched in June 2015. CONCERT, more precisely WP2 (–Integration and SRA development in radiation protection research) and WP3 (-Priority research and joint programming needs in the perspective of European integration), constitute now the place for discussing the drivers of the SRA update in an harmonised manner with the other platforms. Additionally, a new mechanism has been adopted to assist the definition of the research priorities  needed for the two calls for proposals managed by CONCERT WP4 (-Management of the Open RTD Calls); this mechanism consists in requesting annually each platform to rank and justify a limited number of priorities extracted from their respective SRA consistently with the major outcomes from recent and ongoing projects.

From the beginning of CONCERT, the ALLIANCE has produced three annual SRA statements: