Radioecology Data

Data from the STAR NoE

STAR is committed to making all of the data we generate during the course of the science activities of the NoE available.

Other datasets held by STAR partners have been made available and information on these can be found from the links below. Click on the arrow to view the individual datasets on a topic (to expand figures within the data information sheets, click-on them).

View data by topic

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Data from some STAR partners which contributes to national reports or is available on national website: information on these publications can be found HERE.

We have also provided links to other useful sources of radioecological data.

Chernobyl reactor number 4 (November 2013; photo: Nick Beresford,  NERC-CEH).

Taking sediment cores (Baltic Sea) (Photo: Linda Kumblad, Stockholm University).

Sellafield nuclear plant (UK) (Photo: Nick Beresford, NERC-CEH).