Radioecology Data

Data are essential to allow radioecological models to be developed, international recommendations to be made and parameter handbooks produced.

With respect to scientific studies increasing funding bodies and journals are requesting that data are made freely available. The ALLIANCE supports making all experimental data available: ‘…..underpinning data from radiation effects studies should be openly and freely available. Making all of the data from radioecological studies openly available would represent a significant step….’ (quote from Beresford et. al. 2020. J. Environ. Radioact. 211, 106033)

On this page we provide links to: key international radioecological databases; open access data archives which issue deposited data with unique Digital Object Identifiers; other sources of radioecological or potentially relevant radiation protection data.

International Databases 

Wildlife Transfer Database

The Wildlife Transfer Database (WTD) is a collation of concentration ratio data for wildlife in aquatic and terrestrial ecosytems. Anybody can add data and summary outputs are updated periodically. It has been used in IAEA and ICRP activities (e.g. IAEA handbook and an ICRP report) and to update the ERICA Tool (Brown et al. 2016). 

FREDERICA - Radiation Effects Database

The FREDERICA database, is a quality controlled compilation of dose-effect relationships between radiation exposures and their effects on organisms. It has been used by the ICRP (108) and to derive the screening dose rate benchmark used by the ERICA Tool

On-line Data Archives (issue Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs)

STORE DB  - Sustaining Access to Tissues and Data from Radiobiological Experiments

The STORE DB is a platform for the archiving and sharing radiation protection related data and has been used by a number of EURATOM funded projects as their data repository. Whilst initially it was radiobiology focussed it now contains some radioecology data. Anybody can store data in the STORE repository and the data are issued with a Digital Object Identifier (DOI). 

Environmental Information Data Centre (EIDC) 

The EIDC hosts all radioeology data from UKCEH and some other collaborators; to access only this data use the search term 'radioecology'.

Other on-line sources of radioecological data


The Miljostatus website collates data on many topics of interest to radioecology these include: Radioactive pollutionChernobyl accidentRadioactive wasteRadioactivity in the seaRadioactivity on land and in freshwater and Radon. The site is in Norwegian but has option to translate into English. 

RNM - réseau national de mesures de la radioactivité dans l’environnment

RNM is the national network for environmental radioactivity measurements and centralises all the monitoring data on environmental radioactivity in France. The site is in French but an English translation is available together with some additional information describing the objectives of the RNM. Every three years a report is also published in English; the report for 2015-2017 is available here.

UK Radioactivity in Food and the Environment (RIFE) reports

The RIFE reports give a detailed assessment of radioactivity in food and the environment and the public’s exposure to radiation during a specific year. The reports bring together the nationwide monitoring programmes of the UK’s food standard agencies and environment agencies. This monitoring is independent of, and is also used as a check on, the monitoring carried out by site operators.

TERRITORIES Library Database (TLD)

The TLD database was created during the CONCERT-TERRITORIES project; it includes some previously existing data and some new data obtained during the project. For more information see the CONCERT-TERRITORIES deliverable. The database itself is available from here.  

Other sources of relevant data

CONCERT - Infrastructures Radiation protection Research Documented Database (AIR2D2)

CONCERTs AIR2D2 doccumented database provides accces to databases and other information relevant to other areas of radiation protection. 

Laboratoire National Henri Becquerel - Nuclear data

A compilation of nuclear data including half-life, decay mode, emission energy and intensity, decay scheme etc.. A reccomended source of information by some accreditation bodies. 

RADD, the European Commission RAdioactive Discharges Database

RADD is an online EU portal for collecting, storing, exchanging and dissemination of information on radioactive discharges from siites in the EU. 

Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA)

The Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) is a specialised agency within the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), an intergovernmental organisation of industrialised countries. The databank provides an international reference centre for computer codes, nuclear and thermochemical data. 

Earth System Science Data (ESSD) 

The European Radiological Data Exchange Platform (EURDEP): 25 years of monitoring data exchange., 2020.

Page last updated: Apr/May 2020