Radioactivity of Finnish cereals

Radioactivity of Finnish cereals


AbstractMonitoring of 137Cs and 90Sr by STUK in Finnish cereals started in 1962. Annual sampling covered main production areas. Sampling started with rye and wheat, and after the Chernobyl accident in 1986 it was extended to barley and oats. Between 1986 and 1995, sampling and analysis was intensified to cover the whole country. A countrywide survey of radioactivity in Finnish cereals was carried out in 2007; in this study natural radionuclides in Finnish cereals were analysed in addition to 137Cs and 90Sr.
STAR partnerSTUK
Type of dataMonitoring
Sample number>1000
QualityData in this study was collected between 1962 and 2007. Since 1999, radioactivity determinations have been carried out using an accredited method with regular quality control through intercomparisons, calibrations and blank samples. Prior to 1999, in-house quality evaluation took place with similar quality assessments.
Spatially referencedNo
Ecosystem typeTerrestrial
Sample typeRye, wheat, barley and oats
Date1962 - 2007
StatusCompleted study
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Data ownershipSTUK
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Figure information 1) Activity concentration in Finnish cereals (rye & wheat) for 90Sr from 1962-2007 (STUK); 2) Rye field (Photograph: Wikimedia commons: LSDLS); 3) Finnish wheat field (Photograph: Wikimedia commons: Marabelle)

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