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STAR PDF icon Information sheet produced by NRPA on the consequences of marine releases after the Fukushima accident.

Resources related to the Fukushima accident from:
Information sources related to Fukushima releases

The COMET-FRAME project on the impact of recent releases from the Fukushima nuclear accident on the marine environment.

This film presents the sequence of the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi plant in March 2011. It explains how the boiling water reactor (BWR) operated in Japan, describes the scenario of the accident and details the actions conducted during the crisis. It was published on Jun 19, 2012.

Other videos include:

STAR and COMET partners contributions to Fukushima research
Journal special issues related to Fukushima

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution


Basic Information Regarding Health Effects of Radiationalth Effects of Radiation

IAEA Fukushima Report