National publications and websites containing data from STAR partners

National publications and websites containing data from STAR partners

 As  links on this page may be in different languages we recommend that you view using the Google Chrome web-browser which will translate the information for you.

IRSN makes monitoring data available via an interactive map for mainland France and overseas regions. Data are updated daily or monthly with historical data for each sampling point being available. Reports are also available from the website providing data on an annual basis and for historical activities (e.g. atmospheric nuclear weapons test, the Chernobyl accident).

NERC-CEH makes data available from the Environmental Information Platform which is a catologue compliant with the European Inspire Directive. If you enter radioecology as your search term then datasets originating from environmental radioactivity studies will be listed. Enter STAR_NOE as your search term. The information gateway has been made available to STAR by partner NERC-CEH.  Some data from STAR partners have been listed on the Information Gateway (enter STAR_NOE as your search term).
Summaries of some of NRPAs data can be found on the Norwegian portal for environmental data.

SCK.CEN provides data to the Belgian Monitoring Programme. Please use Google chrome to translate the pages (Note: some documents are available in English).

SCK.CEN also provides daily updated dose rate measurements covering the Belgian territory. These can be found in the SCK.CEN link provided.