Naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM) in the environment

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NORM definition, source of NORM, NORM industry and residues.

PDF icon NORM identification & EWC

PDF icon NORM examples

Bogusław Michalik, Lindis Skipperud

Regulation context: NORM in the light of requirements resulting from the new European and IAEA BSS and overlapping regulation dealing with non-radioactive pollutants.

PDF icon Regulation context
PDF icon Regulation example - NORWAY

Jelena Mrdakovic Popic

NORM behaviour in environment.

PDF icon NORM & environment
PDF icon Radionuclides distribution in the environment
PDF icon Radionuclides speciation, mobility and bioavailability

Bogusław Michalik, Clare Bradshaw, Brit Salbu & Lindis Skipperud

NORM metrology rudiments, features of sampling and sample preparation in the context of sampling purpose.

PDF icon NORM metrology rudiments
PDF icon NORM sampling
PDF icon Sample preparation
Fish dissection - youtube video

Bogusław Michalik

Introduction to field and laboratory exercises.

PDF icon In situ gamma spectrometry
PDF icon Pb-210 determination by mean of gamma spectroscopy
PDF icon Radium chemical procedure
PDF icon Gamma field measurements
PDF icon Radon

Michal Bonczyk, Izabela Chmielewska, Krystian Skubacz & Małgorzata Wysocka

NORM related risk assessment – ERICA TOOL.

PDF icon ERICA part 1
PDF icon ERICA part 2

Justin Brown