SRA Stakeholder Workshop

Stakeholder's Workshop - STAR Strategic Research Agenda for Radioecology, Paris 12-13 November 2012

In November 2012 a workshop was held in Paris (see PDF icon agenda) to discuss the first version of the Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) for radioecology with key stakeholders. Supported by the European Radioecology ALLIANCE (, a web-consultation was also organised to collect comments on the SRA (summary) The SRA was subsequently amended taking into account comments received and the responses to comments are documented in the PDF icon current SRA.

Presentations from the workshop

Introductory talks 

Invited lecture

STAR-Alliance SRA and the web-consultation

Key messages from the European players linked to radioecology

  • PDF icon MELODI - Jean-René Jourdain, MELODI member
  • PDF icon NERIS - Raimo Mustonen, President of NERIS
  • PDF icon HERCA - Sigurður Magnússon, President of HERCA

International perspectives

  • PDF icon IAEA -  Sergeï Fesenko, IAEA
  • PDF icon ICRP Committee 5 - Jan Pentreath, Committee 5 Chair
  • PDF icon IUR - François Bréchignac, President of IUR
  • PDF icon IRPA -  Eduardo Gallego, IRPA member
  • PDF icon BIOPROTA - Mike Thorne, BIOPROTA member
  • PDF icon SETAC - Dick Roelofs, SETAC member
  • PDF icon NCoRE - Wendy Khune, NCoRE member


Breakout sessions