University-level courses

Undergraduate and Graduate Courses

Radioecology is a multidisciplinary science, building on aspects of biology, ecology, chemistry, physics, maths, geology, environmental sciences, ecotoxicology and much more! At the undergraduate level, courses in any of these sciences will provide a good basis for further studies or careers in radioecology.

Most universities also have graduate and postgraduate courses related to these topics, and it is impossible to list them all here. However, the list below is a summary of courses which STAR partners hold or contribute to. The Network of Excellence in low dose radiation effects, DoReMi, also holds a number of interesting courses.

University courses taught by COMET partners


BfS organises the annual 2-week course in 'Interdisciplinary radiation research' (InterRad), within the DoReMi  programme.

In collaboration with the "Autonoma" University of Madrid - Master's degree in Nuclear Engineering and Applications (focused on radiological protection and nuclear engineering) (60 ECTS) (In Spanish).


BNEN (Belgian Nuclear higher Education Network): Master-after-Master specialisation year in nuclear engineering, 60 ECTS, organised by SCK•CEN and 6 Belgian universities.

Radiation Protection Expert course, 20 ECTS, organised by SCK•CEN and XIOS Hogeschool Limburg. SCK•CEN also contributes to European Masters-level courses, for example:Two week Masters course on Radiation-induced effects with particular emphasis on genetics, development, teratology, cognition as well as space-related health issues’: (together with DoReMi), 2 week Erasmus Intensive programme organised for students at the master level: Safe Application of Radiation and radionuclides SARA (3 days at SCK•CEN).


Stockholm University runs courses at various levels in, for example:

Through SU’s Centre for Radiation Protection, advanced courses in, for example, microdosimetry have been organised and may be held again in the future.

As part of the EU Master programme in Radioecology, a memorandum of understanding is signed between NMBU and the Aix Marseille University.

The following courses are available at UMB:

The following courses are available in Aix:

Risk management and emergency planning (6 ECTS) and Radiation protection and waste management (6 ECTS)
As part of the research school at NMBU, the following PhD course is available: Environmental radiobiology (5 ECTS)