ALLIANCE PhD Webinar 7th June recording

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Agenda (to assist navigation, timings are approximate) 

  • 09:30 Welcome (Nick Beresford, UKCEH)
  • 09:35 Optimizing remediation efforts in response to large-scale nuclear emergencies affecting food and agriculture (Floris Abrams, SCK CEN)
  • 09:50 Using acoustic indices to investigate avian richness within the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone (Helen Whitehead, UKCEH/Univ. Salford)
  • 10:05 Cellular response of microbacterium to uranium exposure: discovery of a uranium sequestration system (Abbas Mohamad Ali, CEA)
  • 10:20 Discussion session
  • 10:40 Dynamics of 90Sr and 137Cs activity concentrations in fish in Chernobyl contaminated lakes (Elena Kashparova, NMBU/CERAD)
  • 10:55 How population genetics can inform us about the evolution of tree frogs in the Chernobyl region? (Clément Car, IRSN)
  • 11:10 Lemna minor for water remediation applications: experimental study and modelling of growth (Isabelle van Dyke, SCK CEN)
  • 11:40 Discussion session
  • 12:00 Close