AOP Leukemia International Working Group

invitation to participate

Participation in the AOP Leukemia International Working Group.

We welcome interested scientists that would like to work in our international working group to develop and consolidate our proposed artificial AOP model (Adverse Outcome Pathway) on major key events on the pathway to radiation-induced AML. We are right now on the way to perform a systematic literature review on key events triggered by the radiation exposure and key event relationships. Here a lot of work lies ahead and scientists that want to contribute to this AOP model in our international working group should send an email to Dmitry Klokov

The state of our AOP so far is described in International expert group collaboration for developing an adverse outcome pathway for radiation induced leukemia: Klokov D, Applegate K, Badie C, Brede DA, Dekkers F, Karabulutoglu M, Le Y, Rutten EA, Lumniczky K, Gomolka M. Int J Radiat Biol. 2022 Sep 7:1-14.  (Online ahead of print).