CONFIDENCE Dissemination workshop (Dec 2019)

CONFIDENCE Dissemination workshop: Coping with uncertainties for improved modelling and decision making in nuclear emergencies

The CONFIDENCE Project, funded under the H2020 CONCERT project, is performing research focused on uncertainties in the area of  emergency management and long-term rehabilitation. It concentrates on the early and transition phases of an emergency, but considers also longer-term decisions made during these phases. The project brings together expertise from four European Radiation Protection Research Platforms (NERIS, MELODI, ALLIANCE and EURADOS) and also from Social Sciences and Humanities.
Objectives of the workshop:
• to disseminate the knowledge acquired and to demonstrate the capability of the developed models, methods, approaches, guides, recommendations and tools, 
• to collect feedback from end users on outputs and remaining research requirements or improvements in models/guides etc. as a feedback to the Platforms to further develop their Strategic Research Agendas and Joint roadmap.

Workshop format:
The workshop will consists of presentations, panels, poster sessions and scenario based facilitated group discussions. Workshop will follow the decision making process which will be realised by using one scenario based on work and outputs from each and every project work-package. Scenario based demonstration of methods and tools will provide complex overview of project outcomes.

The dissemination workshop will take place from December 2 until December 5, 2019 on the premises of Lindner Hotel Gallery Central in Bratislava, Metodova 4, Slovak Republic.
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The workshop will start with registration and welcome coffee at 8:00 on December 2, 2019 and will conclude on December 5 at 12:30.

To register and for more information: