ICRER 2022

Abstract deadline now 21 March 2022 (NOTE : requirement to resubmit those previously submitted to postponed 2020 and 2021 conferences)

ICRER would like also to remind authors of papers included in the provisional programmes for the postponed ICRER 2020 and 2021 conferences that these papers will NOT be transferred automatically to the programme for ICRER 2022. Authors are encouraged to resubmit earlier abstracts or to submit updated or new abstracts via the conference website. All received abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee and a new programme for ICRER 2022 will be prepared on this basis.

Young scientists can apply for the IUR Young Investigator Award of the conference by 21 March 2022. 

The portals for registration and submitting abstracts (by Monday 21 March 2022) are open on the conference website:  www.icrer.org

All information on conditions and paper submission is available on the conference page under call for papers.