New PhD topics at SCK•CEN

New topics for a PhD thesis at SCK•CEN

  1. Unravelling uranium uptake mechanisms in Arabidopsis thaliana.  
    Prof. dr. Ann Cuypers (Hasselt University) will be the promotor and Eline Saenen will be the mentors. Further information
    Contact person: Eline Saenen (

  2. Do plants adapt to chronic low-dose gamma exposure? A mechanistic study comparing plants exposed under field and lab conditions on (epi) genetic, biochemical and population level.
    Nele Horemans is the mentor and Prof. dr. Ann Cuypers (Hasselt University) is the promotor. Further Information
    Contact person: Nele Horemans (

  3. Model development for the assessment of the impact of accidental and routine radioactive releases in the Meuse-Scheldt aquatic system. Further information
    Contact person: Lieve Sweeck (

  4. Linking naturally occurring radionuclide mobility and soil-to-plant transfer with soil characteristics in order to reduce uncertainties in environmental impact assessments. Further information
    Contact person: Nathalie Vanhoudt (