PhD opportunity - IRSN (LRTA) October 2018

Radiosensitivity of male and female gametes: a decisive factor in radioinduced reprotoxicity?

Candidate experience (training, skills, restrictions): Biochemistry, physiology, cell and molecular biology; better if experience in genomic or proteomic analysis.
The candidate should be motivated by studies of biochemistry, molecular biology and should be interested in radiobiology.

See leaflet for further details

FRELON Sandrine – 00 33 4 42 19 94 71 -
LECOMTE-PRADINES Catherine – 00 33 4 42 19 96 64 -

Places of work:
Main place: IRSN Cadarache - 13115 St. Paul lez Durance - France. Some movements will be expected for the analysis of markers not monitored in the laboratory.

Second experimental site (50% Occitanie grant is obtained) Faculty of Pharmaceutical and Biological Sciences - Faculty of Pharmacy - Laboratory of Toxicology - IBMM CNRS UMR 5247 - University of Montpellier

Field of expertise: Environment, Biology, Chemistry

 If the research subject proposed by the IRSN interests you and corresponds to your profile, you must contact the tutor of the thesis by email, by sending a CV and a letter of application. For Further details please see the following link.

Closing day for applications: 15/04/2018