PhD scholarship at NMBU within Environmental Radioactivity, Radon and Natural Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM)

Application deadline: 20.08.2021

Main tasks:

  • Characterizing the exposure from radon and other NORMs, together with metals or other stressors, from drinking water as basis for epidemiological studies.
  • Determination the amount of radon, NORM and metals in various water sources using radioanalytical techniques and ICP-MS.
  • Combined in situ size and charge fractionation techniques might be applied to determine possible bioavailable fractions.
  • Presentation of the scientific results from the PhD work for the RADONORM consortium and the wider scientific community

The successful candidate is expected to enter a plan for the progress of the work towards a PhD degree during the first months of the appointment, with a view to completing a doctorate within the PhD scholarship period.

Application deadline: 20.08.2021

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