R&D engineer - Radioecology and Tracers Studies at the Department of Environmental Engineering, Technical University of Denmark

The Technical University of Denmark, Department of Environmental Engineering (DTU Environment) is looking for a skilled and experienced R&D Engineer who will work with scientists, students, and technical staff at the department to determine radioactive substances in wastes, environmental and biological samples.

The job will be carried out in the Section of Radioecology and Tracer Studies, with the following primary areas of responsibilities:

  • Maintenance and development of radioactivity measurement instruments
  • Development of methods relevant for environmental engineering in the field of radioactivity.
  • Determination of radioactive isotopes by radiometric techniques and ICP techniques
  • Data processing and programming using various dedicated software
  • Participate in research projects within environmental tracer studies and nuclear decommissioning
  • Training, technical support and quality control for routine and commercial analyses

More details

Application deadline: 30 May 2020