RERP Conference 2014

The 2014 Conference on Radiation Effects and Radiation Protection (RERP 2014) will take place from August 26 to 28, 2014 in Suzhou, China. The manuscript submission deadline is May 28, 2014. Topics include: 

Atomistic and Collective Processes of Radiation Effects
- Irradiation-induced microstructural evolution and material modifications
- Fundamentals, theory and computer simulations
- Advances in defect and material characterization
Irradiated Materials
- Simple and complex oxides
- Carbides and nitrides
- Semiconductor and scintillator materials
Basic Mechanisms of Radiation Effects in Electronic Materials and Devices
- Single-Event Charge Collection Phenomena and Mechanisms
- Radiation Transport, Energy Deposition and Dosimetry
- Processing-Induced Radiation Effects
Radiation Effects on Electronic and Photonic Devices and Circuits
- Optoelectronic and Optical Devices and Systems
- Methods for Hardened Design and Manufacturing
- Cryogenic or High Temperature Effects
Radiation Safety and Detection
- Radiation transport and shielding
- Environmental radiation measurement and assessment
- Policy and current radiological issues

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