Stakeholder Dialogue Webinar: February- March 2016.

Stakeholder Dialogue Webinar: Experience and Lessons for Young and Old Experts and Researchers

Organised in collaboration with International Radiological Protection Association (IRPA)

The webinar format will consist of three two-hour plenary sessions held from 13:00 to 15:00 (Paris time, UTC+1) on Wednesday over 3 consecutive weeks in February and March 2016. The webinar will be managed through a central website by the NEA secretariat (using WebEx). Attendees will participate electronically via their computers. Details of the mechanics of participation, discussion and presentation are in the process of being developed and tested, and these will be communicated to the registered participants as they are finalised.

The objective of this webinar is to share stakeholder dialogue and social media experience between all radiological protection professionals.

Registration deadline: 31 January 2016. 

There is no registration fee but pre-registration is required through the following registration link:

Participation will be limited to approximately 800 people.